Euro Footwear PVT LTD.

Because of covid-19, a global pandemic, many sections of society and businesses were severely affected. During these tough times, we extended our full support to the people suffering and encouraged people to be safe. Our company spread awareness about covid-19 to our employees and the lower sections of society.


With our 30% proceeds, we distributed free masks and food to the needy who were severely hit by the pandemic and couldn’t support their families. With our zeal to provide you with the best and meet your requirements, we immediately started our operations after getting government's approval with a small workforce to maintain and follow Covid guidelines. Our team and workers used proper safety as we provided PPE kits, masks and hand gloves to them, keeping in mind their safety. This helped us in supporting the workers and providing them with enough help to keep their lives going. Also, to deliver the finest products with proper sanitization.