Corporate social responsibility

Euro Footwear PVT LTD.

Inclusive economic development is the apparent confidence of Euro Footwear Pvt. Ltd. . The CSR initiatives of the Company are based on this concept and align with the National Development Goals of India and the Sustainable Development Goals. Most of the Company's CSR operations are carried out by Euro Footwear PVT LTD. itself.


Section 135 of the Corporations Act, 2013, Schedule VII, lists different areas in which corporate entities are required to deploy their CSR funds and introduce social welfare initiatives. With an emphasis on enhancing the quality of life, we carefully picked the Company's CSR initiatives. Seven fields are the industries' subject: rural transformation, wellness, education, developmental activities, disaster relief, arts, culture and heritage, and urban growth. Euro Footwear PVT LTD has invested more than 28 lacs on CSR initiatives under the areas to be the focus as per the act.

Promotion of Education

We provided aid to the economically weaker students to promoting education in the remote areas of Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. We are continually working to develop these schools' basic facilities to improve education quality as far as possible.


To build a healthy society for our future generations, Euro Footwear PVT. LTD. recognizes the value of protecting the natural ecosystem. We merge our entrepreneurial spirit with eco-friendly technology to reach zero environmental effect by 2050.


To make Healthy India, we have embarked upon a journey to accomplish a more aware society. We have under our CSR initiatives focused on spending to strengthen preventive medicines and trauma awareness.


In addition to Euro Footwear PVT. LTD's CSR initiatives, we also allow our workers to donate to charitable causes actively. Periodic feedback is received from staff on their ability to contribute to a given cause. Besides, the Organization leverages diverse ability sets to personnel and allocates capital for successful implementation, based on the desires.