“In order to succeed, one must take important principles into account: Honesty, Hard work, Discipline and Sincerity”

Keeping this in mind, I started my journey of Euro footwear Pvt ltd. with a dream to succeed and take this company to the heights. I always believe that opportunities don’t happen, you create them and with this thought, without even thinking about what was ahead in the future, I took a leap of faith and started this journey with a vision and minimal capital.

My vision to provide a wide range of footwear that is sustainable and to give back the society motivates me every day to give my best and grow. After 28 years of business, my vision turned into reality. We are now a global name and have the privilege to work with world-leading brands. Being a global name is not enough, I aim to help society for that reason, I advocate for Education for all. Life is always about pulling each other up and growing together. The most important thing is to always remember your roots. This wouldn’t have been possible of the tireless efforts of our team and I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for helping Euro footwear prosper.

As we move ahead in our journey, we shall continue to work diligently to take this company to greater heights.

Mahboob Rahman Chairman